“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames

In course development regardless of any mode of teaching (Face-to-face, hybrid, online), the design process is the fundamental process to help you define, organize and start developing your course. It is a process that will help you to be efficient, effective and transparent as you strive to create the best course possible for your students and their success in class. 

To start the design process, you can ask yourself… 

  • Are my learning objectives stated clear and measurable? 
  • Are my learning activities such as assignments, in-class activities, and assessments aligned with learning objectives?
  • Does my syllabus contain all the information about the course and campus resources to help my students succeed? 
  • Is my course organized clearly and intuitively? 
  • Is my course designed to meet all my students’ needs?

"The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design, but as designing an experience." - Cathy Moore

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