In response to the growing interest in digital learning and teaching with technologies, the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, in partnership with the Online Learning Research Center at the UCI School of Education, is launching a faculty development program - the Digital Learning Institute (DLI).

The 2020 Digital Learning Institute

The theme of the inaugural 2020 DLI is "Embracing Pedagogical Excellence in Remote Teaching" to prepare faculty for remote teaching in the near future. A total of sixty UCI faculty will be accepted to join the 2020 DLI program in three cohort groups.

  • Cohort I (4/27 - 5/14): For instructors teaching in Summer Session I (5 or 10 weeks)
  • Cohort II (6/15 - 8/2): For instructors teaching in Summer Session II
  • Cohort III (8/10 - 9/27): For instructors teaching in Fall 2020
  • Cohort IV (10/26 – 12/14): For instructors teaching in Winter 2021
  • Cohort V (1/25 – 3/19): For instructors teaching in Spring 2021
  • Cohort VI (4/19 – 6/11): For instructors teaching in Summer 2021

Thus far, over one hundred UCI instructors have applied to the DLI with the first cohort filling up immediately. If you are interested in joining a future DLI cohort, please complete the following interest form. We will review the volume of the campus interests and open more DLI opportunities as resources permit.  DTEI is also working closely with Dr. Di Xu, Dr. Brian Sato, and the Teaching and Learning Research Center (TLRC) to evaluate the impact of the DLI.

Program Details and Deliverables

A designated instructional designer will be assigned to work with each DLI participant. Participants will also receive peer support and will be guided by a research-informed rubric during the course development process. To become DLI certified, each participant must attend at least 3 out of the 4 cohort meetings, complete the weekly assigned tasks, join the bi-weekly consultation, and conduct a self-assessment using the course quality rubric at the end of the program. DLI certified faculty will be eligible to serve as faculty mentors for future DLI participants and be eligible to participate in potential future programming in the digital learning space.

Weekly Module 

Meeting Webinars


Module 1: Getting Started with Remote Teaching and Course Design

  • Cohort orientation
  • Teaching consultation with the assigned instructional designer
  • Request a Canvas space at EEE GrandCentral
  • Develop the course planning worksheet
  • Complete Course mapping worksheet
  • Draft the course syllabus (version 1)

Module 2: Developing Accessible Learning Content for Remote Teaching

  • Cohort meeting
  • Determine an overall remote lecture delivery plan 
  • Set up Canvas modules based on the course planning worksheet
  • Schedule the Zoom meetings and the virtual office hours
  • Post a pre-recorded welcome/course overview video on Canvas

Module 3: Set up an Inclusive Remote Learning Space 

  • Teaching consultation with the assigned instructional designer
  • Design a course navigation structure with a Canvas template
  • Upload learning content, readings, and files to the Canvas space.
  • Designing digital learning activities for synchronous class engagement
  • Developing mini-assignments for asynchronous remote class participation
  • Complete week 1 pre-recorded videos

Module 4: Implementing Digital Active Learning, Student Engagement, and Communication

  • Cohort meeting
  • Draft the course syllabus (version 2)
  • Complete week 2 pre-recorded videos

Module 5: Designing Learning Assessments for Remote Teaching

  • Teaching consultation with the assigned instructional designer
  • Create Canvas assignments and the gradebook structure
  • Complete week 3 pre-recorded videos
  • Develop assignment instructions and grading rubrics

Module 6: Course Policy and Academic Integrity

  • Cohort meeting
  • Complete week 4 pre-recorded videos
  • Evaluate the equivalent instructional activities (EIA) 
  • Finalize the course syllabus (version 3)

Module 7: Conducting Self-Assessment for Quality Remote Course Design

  • One-on-one teaching consultation with the assigned instructional designer
  • Complete week 5 pre-recorded videos
  • Conduct a self-evaluation 
  • Publish the Canvas course space and welcome your students