A Canvas Template has been designed to help faculty create a course space efficiently. It supports various types of instructional modes (hybrid, flipped, synchronous or asynchronous online) to meet your teaching goals. Please scroll down to learn how to utilize this template and to view the download instructions. The DTEI instructional designers are also available to help you. Please schedule a DTEI office hour appointment or contact us at dteisupport@uci.edu

Downloading and Importing the Template

Follow these step-by-step instructions to import the template into a Canvas Sandbox. You can then choose the sections of the template you would like to import into your course. **Note: We DO NOT recommend importing the entire template into an existing course with developed content. It is best to import the template into an empty course shell or Canvas Sandbox.

Best Practices in using the Template

We recommend you to view the Canvas template (10-Week | 5-Week) before downloading and importing it to your Canvas course space. Please expand each section below to learn about the different tools and resources that you can find in the template. All of the components listed below can be accessed by going to the Modules section of the Canvas Course Template.

Editing the Template

This course template contains several Canvas pages with pre-made layouts that you can include in your course, such as three home page designs, a weekly road map page, and pages to help you organize your lectures and readings. If you go to the Modules section of the the Canvas Template you will find a Module called "Page Templates" where you can see all of the available page designs. 

Home Page

Home Page

The course home page serves as the initial entry point into your course and helps to orient students to what they need to know and how they should navigate your course.

There are three home page designs in this course template for you to select from

Once you’ve decided on a home page, you will need to set it as the front page of your course. Follow Canvas’ instructions on how to set a front page in your course.

Canvas Template Home Page

The following elements are built into the page and can be modified:

[1] Course Header: Course Title, Instructor’s Name, Course Quarter and Year, and Class time should be updated.

[2] Course Banner: The banner image of this page can be changed by clicking on the banner image and then clicking “Insert → Image.” Try to choose an image that is wide and short)

[3] Quick Buttons: Depending on the home page design you select, there are quick buttons along the top or the left side of the page. Button text can be modified and linked to any page or item inside or outside of Canvas. Button icons are just images that can be replaced and resized to 25x25 by dragging the corner of the image.

[4] Welcome Message: Update the text in this section with a welcome message or description of your course. You may want to indicate here the learning format of your course (hybrid, synchronous/asynchronous online, in-person, etc…).

[5] Navigation: Depending on the home page design you select, you can customize the text in the navigation buttons. If you choose the module navigation design you can add module topic names to each button. Link these buttons to Canvas Pages or to Canvas Modules

[6] Instructor Information: For homepage designs that have an instructor information box, you can replace the placeholder image with your own image (or remove it) and change the text within the box. You may want to provide your contact information and possibly your office hours here

[7] Course FAQs: For homepage designs that have a Course FAQs box, there are three accordion menus that open to reveal more text. You can place a question in the Title area and answer in the placeholder text below. You can easily delete accordion menus, but cannot easily add them back. You may also customize this box to be whatever you would like, it does not need to be Course FAQs.

Once you’ve decided on a home page, you will need to set it as the front page of your course. Follow Canvas’ instructions on how to set a front page in your course.

As you edit the page, please keep in mind:

  • Text content within each page design can be edited using the rich-text editor; however the structure and look and feel of the page is fixed
  • Images and Icons such as the banner image and icons next to buttons can be swapped out with your own images and icons
  • If you hit the delete button too many times, it is possible to break the design/structure of the page. Use the undo button (ctrl. Z on Windows and Command Z on Mac to undo changes you made)
  • Save frequently! You can always go to the three dots at the top of right the page and view the page history to go back to a previous save.
Office Hours
Getting Started
Weekly Roadmap
Readings & Materials
Lecture Videos
Emergency Resources

If you have any questions about how to effectively implement the course template into your course or would like to further customize the design, please reach out to the DTEI Instructional Design team by setting up an office hour or emailing us at dteisupport@uci.edu.