The DTEI support team offers virtual office hours to better support faculty’s teaching needs. You can make a 30-minute appointment with our instructional designers for an one-on-one teaching consultation. UCI faculty found the live consultation  support helpful, especially to receive assistance on remote teaching during the Pandemic. Feel free to discuss topics related to digital learning, such as formulating a new remote/online teaching idea, adopting Canvas tools to enhance learning, implementing a third-party technology, and anything related to remote/online education, or teaching with technology.

  • Remote teaching strategies and samples
  • Best practices and guidelines for remote teaching
  • Remote content development (e.g. lecture videos, etc.)
  • Assessment development (e.g. exams, assignments, etc.)
  • Canvas course space design and setup
  • Effective use of the third-party tools
  • Remote teaching accessibility
  • Other remote/online teaching related topics

If you need any Canvas training or technical support contact EEE Support

The DTEI Consultants

Bo Choi

Instructional Designer
(949) 824-2886

Shu Fen (Fannie) Tsai

Instructional Designer
(949) 824-3809

Jennifer Foung

Instructional Designer