The canvas templates allow professors to post their course information, create assignments, and provide multiple teaching tools and samples to communicate with their students and create an accessible digital learning environment. The faculty can easily import one of these Canvas templates to their Canvas space and efficiently set up the course site. It will not erase the editing content added to the Canvas space after importing a template to a Canvas space. The faculty also have full-authorization to revise the course elements after the template is imported successfully. 

What is Canvas?

The DTEI offers two types of Canvas template with essential course elements designed to meet various teaching goals. First, The Canvas Module-Based Template was created for faculty who desire to develop a "Canvas Module" based on their course learning structures, which provides students a linear study-roadmap to participate in assigned learning activities sequence. The benefit of this template allows faculty to quickly set up a Canvas space by adding and organizing the learning content and assignments by either the module topics or the academic weeks. In the other template - Canvas Page-Based template, which created for faculty who want to develop a "Canvas Page" based course, a customized weekly overview page associated with the related learning content and activities. This Canvas page-based template's advantage is that the faculty can customize how their weekly content and activities are introduced to students.

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