Gradescope is a suite of tools designed to accommodate a common grading workflow. Students or instructors scan and upload their homework or exams. The instructional team can create a living rubric that allows for speedy grading of large courses. The software can reveal valuable statistics about students' work, and provide a path for students to request re-grades of questions.

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is a system that allows you to digitally manage, administer, and grade assessments. Gradescope supports many different types of assessments and is unique in its support for traditional paper-based assessments as well as digital assessments. 

Gradescope makes it easy and efficient to organize, grade, and provide consistent feedback for assignments and exams. Gradescope provides a dynamic point adjustment rubric that allows you to modify rubric items and values while you’re grading. 

Gradescope is licensed for all UC Irvine faculty, and is directly embedded into Canvas with support for direct links to assignments, and synchronization of course rosters and grades.

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Why use Gradescope?


Fairer Grading
Promote fairer grading practices by facilitating anonymous grading and question-by-question (rather than student-by-student) grading


Ideal for STEM
Beneficial for STEM faculty whose students typically submit hand-written problems, such as proofs, chemistry equations, formulas, or code


Automatic Rubric Updates
If a grading rubric is changed, Gradescope will retroactively adjust assignments that have already been graded


Detailed Analytics
It has detailed analytics that show where students might be struggling with a particular concept

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