Lecture recording is a way for instructors to communicate with students asynchronously through video. Instructors can create videos covering lecture materials, weekly or course overview videos, or announcements.

What is Lecture Recording?

Asynchronous instructional video plays a vital role in all modes of learning. 

  • Traditional Class: Students can be better prepared for classroom interactions by watching a pre-recorded video with a summarized overview or fundamental knowledge before attending the class.  
  • Hybrid/Flipped Class: The instructor can have more flexibility to engage students with active learning activities in the classroom by assigning pre-recorded lectures with reflective tasks to substitute traditional lectures and/or enhance some instructional activities in the classroom. 
  • Remote/Online Class: Pre-recorded video is a great knowledge transfer tool in online education. Instructor's presence is one of the critical factors that influences online student's learning success. The weekly overview and instructional videos fulfills students' learning needs from attending the classroom lectures. 

There are various ways to take advantage of pre-recorded (asynchronous) videos for supporting active teaching and learning: 

  • Welcome message and course overview
  • Weekly or module (content) overview
  • Asynchronous lecture videos (substitute the in-class lecture)
  • Concept explanation or hands-on demonstration
  • Ad hoc video announcement or Q & A (review) video

Why record lectures?

Lecture videos are a great resource for students to learn and review content. They allow students to learn anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace. Students can review videos as many times as needed to fully understand the material, and once a video has been created, it can be reused for as long as the material is relevant, saving time in the future.

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Video Resources

  • Pexels
    • Thousands of free video clips and images. Creating an account is free, but not necessary to download. Attribution is not required.
  • Pixabay
    • Thousands of free video clips, images, illustrations, and songs. Creating an account is free, and sometimes necessary to download images or videos in their highest resolution. Attribution is required on a case-by-case basis, make sure to check if attribution is required when downloading.
  • CC Search
    • Thousands of free images, all under Creative Commons licenses. Attribution is required.
  • Internet Archive
    • Thousands of archived video clips-good for historical footage. Check to see if attribution is required.
  • YouTube Audio Library
    • A great resource for free music tracks and sound effects to add to your videos. You can sort through music by genre, mood, and duration to find the perfect background music for your videos. All tracks are free, check to see if attribution is required.