Are you looking for a way to keep your students engaged and actively participating during your live lectures? Do you find yourself struggling to track student understanding and progress? If you answered yes to either of these questions then please join our Digital Active Learning Workshop Series and learn more about how you can use Poll Everywhere to boost synchronous interaction during everyday instruction.

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an audience response system that “helps turn ordinary presentations into compelling conversations.” Use Poll Everywhere to engage your students as you lecture and encourage continuous active participation. This user-friendly classroom response system allows you to embed polls directly into your presentations, so that you can receive instant audience feedback and gather important metrics about student comprehension while simultaneously creating an engaging learning atmosphere. 

You can create multiple poll types such as multiple choice, word clouds, Q&A or open-ended feedback. Students can respond to your polls online or with their cell phones through text, no clickers required! Poll Everywhere can be successfully used face-to-face in the classroom or during a Zoom session. It is the ultimate active learning tool!


Why use Poll Everywhere?

Keeping students engaged while teaching them remotely can be particularly difficult especially if students aren’t comfortable turning on their cameras and interacting online. Poll Everywhere helps create an interactive classroom experience by providing a safe platform for students to ask questions, participate and demonstrate their learning. Use Poll Everywhere if you want to...


Encourage active learning
Create fun activities to break up lengthy lectures. Encourage active participation and help students engage with the course content. Ask interactive and meaningful questions to get students talking.


Create a safe space for shy students
Connect with all of your students; even those that are usually too shy to participate in class. Poll Everywhere provides anonymity, empowering students who may normally be afraid to speak up to contribute to the class and ask questions.


Embed polls directly into your presentation slides
Poll Everywhere allows you to embed polls directly into Google Slides or Powerpoint so you never need to exit your presentation to conduct a poll. 


Gauge student understanding and monitor participation
As students respond to polls and activities their responses instantly appear on your screen which can help you determine where there may be knowledge gaps and a need to review material. Use poll data to track student participation and receive meaningful feedback.

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