YuJa Video Quiz allows the instructor to enhance the asynchronous lecture video to be more active by embedding interactive questions. It serves a similar purpose to an iClicker activity for the in-person class. Instructors can add prompted questions to guide student learning and/or self-practice to pause, think and reflect while watching the video. It can also be used as a class participation activity for remote learning.  The instructor can also add a YouTube or Vimeo video and create a YuJa Video Quiz for students to practice while watching the video.

What is a YuJa Video Quiz?

YuJa Media Server not only allows you to create and store your instructional videos but also provides many learning/teaching tools to help faculty to monitor, analyze and assess students’ learning on the video. One of these tools is YuJa Video Quiz which allows instructors to embed check-in questions (different types of questions) or reflective pause questions within the video to be interactive. YuJa Video Quiz can be provided as a self-assessment or as a graded assessment in Canvas. YuJa Video Quiz enables students to actively engage with your pre-recorded or other instructional videos and helps them to check their learning process (metacognition, Colette A. Daiute) with prompted check-in questions (iClicker question type) for them to think and reflect on the topic they just watched.

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Why use YuJa Video Quizzes?


Actively Engages Students
This tool allows instructors to engage students during asynchronous content delivery by building in an interactive component.



Check-in Students’ Learning with Prompted Questions
Allowing to add check-in questions in video to help students go through some metacognitive process to check their learning while they are watching the videos. This is a similar active learning strategy implemented in the face-to-face teaching environment by using iClicker.


Time to Pause, Think, and Reflect
Responding to content challenges students to evaluate their own understanding of the content. Simultaneously, the check-in creates an opportunity to correct misconceptions or misunderstandings of the content.


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