Invented by Matt Anderson, a physics professor at San Diego State University, the learning glass equipment allows instructors to record a problem-solving demo or writing/drawing video while facing the viewers (students). It allows the writing action of a presenter to be captured in the instructional video, and the videographer can edit the video by adding additional video footage during the post-production process. Read our DTEI newsletter story to learn about how Dr. QV Dang from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science uses the Learning Glass to teach his computer programming course.

Tips and Best Practices

  • Stick to one topic.
  • Plan out your video ahead of time, so you know where to stand as you are drawing on the light board.
  • Wear dark, solid-colored clothes, but avoid black.
  • Don’t wear clothes that have text or logos. These will appear reversed in the video.
  • Small mistakes that can be quickly erased are okay.

Video Samples